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International JKA camp S. Miyazaki

June 30th – July 2rd 2017

A club enrolment should always be done before the start of the camp (= pre-enrolment) by the club secretary. This group enrolment is only possible for the entire camp.

A club enrolment offers the following advantages:

  • No administrative paperwork on arrival, therefore you won’t lose time queuing
  • A price reduction thanks to your pre-enrolment (JKA: 70 euro/person instead of 90 euro/person & non-JKA: 110 euro/person instead of 140 euro/person)
  • If more than 5 members of the same club participate to the entire camp, you’ll get an additional price reduction:
    • 5 to 10 participants: 15 euro of additional reduction/person
    • 11 to 20 participants: 20 euro of additional reduction/person
    • more than 20 participants: 25 euro of additional reduction/person

Participant instructions
Announce your participation in time to your club secretary (and not through the link ‘individual enrolment’ on this website).

Instructions club secretary

  • Please register the participants of your club at the latest by June 23rd through the form below.
  • Please pay the total amount for your club at the latest by June 23rd. Payment is done by bank transfer on the account BE83 3900 1551 6015 (BIC code: BBRUBEBB) of “KARATE ZOMERSTAGE GENT” with message "name CLUB and clubnumber".

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